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Essentials for the Athleisure Trend

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You guys! Athleisure is IN, and I couldn’t be more excited. What exactly IS athleisure? It’s when workout or active clothes are worn in other settings such as in social situations. Basically – when cute gym and yoga clothes are worn for things other than the gym or yoga. Considering that I’ve been wearing athletic clothes in this way for most of my adult life…this is basically a miracle. Proof that dreams come true, if you don’t give up and keep chasing them! Do I work out? Of course not. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t LOOK like I work out, and be cute and comfy while doing so. The athleisure trend features a lot of comfy clothes like sweat pants, but in a way that is more fitted and put together. Forget those sloppy pajama pant sweats – you can be confident wearing these in public while not losing the cozy factor. Here is a list of essentials for pulling off the athleisure trend.

Lululemon Leggings

I’m always one to hunt for a deal, but with Lululemon leggings, you really do get what you paid for. Not only is the fit INCREDIBLE, but they are so comfortable and don’t pill, fade, or shrink in the wash. If you’re tired of replacing leggings or want a good pair for yoga, try a pair of Lululemon.

Mesh Panel Leggings

Mesh panel leggings are one of my favorite new trends. The peek-a-boo panels are cute without being too revealing.

Moto Leggings

Another one of my new favorites, moto leggings are so cute and comfy with just a bit of edge. They have the look of motorcyle pants, which allows you to dress them up or wear them with casual clothes to add style. Pair these with booties OR a pair of cute sneakers and you’re good to go.


These cute slim fit sweat pants are cozy without being frumpy. I love the cute colors and how fitted they are through the leg. Just enough room to be comfortable!

Yoga Leggings

I love yoga leggings simply for the wide yoga band at the top. It prevents muffin top and helps keep everything sucked in.

Oversized Hoodie

An oversized hoodie is very on trend, especially when paired with a pair of leggings and cute shoes.

Criss Cross Sweatshirt

A cute criss cross hem makes this sweatshirt stand out while still being practical and comfortable.

Adidas Trefoil Sweatshirt

The Adidas Trefoil logo has been in style since I was a kid — you can’t ever go wrong with a classic! This looks especially cute when paired with Adidas Superstar tennis shoes.

Hooded Poncho

I love hooded sweatshirt ponchos! I have one that I wear often and I get compliments on it all the time!

Bomber Jacket

These trendy jackets come in a variety of colors! Pair with skinny jeans and heels or a pair of cute leggings, a t-shirt, and cute sneakers. Either way, you’ve got a look that is sporty, trendy, and cute!

Adidas Track Suit

Another classic that you can’t ever go wrong with! Adidas track suits are so sporty and perfect for a day running errands or just hanging around the house. Wear the pants and jacket separately or together to mix things up.

But First, Coffee Shirt

Wear your love of coffee with this adorable t-shirt! I actually have a similar one that says “Will Run For Wine.”

Ivy Park Tank

These trendy tanks from Beyonce’s clothing line are effortlessly cool.

Athleta T-Shirt

The Daily Tee by Athleta is semi-fitted with a hi-low hem. It’s perfect for every day wear and any occasion.

Suede Baseball Cap

These solid colored caps go with anything but the suede gives them an extra edge.

Adidas Superstars

These classic shoes go with anything!

Nike Flyknit

These are some of the comfiest and lightweight shoes I own! They are very slim profile, which I also love – they don’t make my feet look huge.

Nike Air Max Thea

I love these shoes! They have so many different colors and patterns from metallic to animal print.

Adidas Pure Boost X

The floral print on these shoes gives them a fun, feminine look.

New Balance 574

These retro shoes are classic, comfortable, and come in a variety of colors.

Essentials for the athleisure trend

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! Invest in a few of these pieces to mix and match for great every day outfits.

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Dance to be Happy!

Dance to Be Happy!

Why should I try dancing? Dancing is an amazing way to exercise,build muscle, increase flexibility, energize your memory muscle, and contribute to your overall happiness! Besides just having fun and enjoying music, dancing releases endorphins. As my beloved Elle Woods from Legally Blonde said “Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” Not that you’re going to do that but, they do make you happy. I know. I know! All exercise and physical activity releases endorphins into our body. But dancing affects you in an even bigger way than just plane old exercise. How you ask? Because its a state of mind. A happy state of mind! When you hear the music, you get lost in the music. You become one with the music with your mind and your body.And the rest of the world just falls away.

So what are endorphins and how do we get the?According to Endorphins are a “morphine-like chemical produced by the body that help diminish pain while triggering positive feelings.” That sounds pretty sweet and I think we could all use more of that! They are produced when you push your body and do physical activity. Just imagine; Adrenaline pumping through you while you push yourself to remember choreography, combined with the endorphins of physically dancing… That sounds like a pretty great “dancers high” if you ask me!


It’s a New Year, time for a new you!

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